On our second day, we left Troyes and went towards Châteaugay passing through the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan. I actually had high hopes for this park, but – yet again – we couldn’t find a lot before we headed out. So we kind of just drove towards some “points of interest” where a walk could start (but we never actually did find those walks :-)) and just stopped along the way when we saw something interesting.

We stopped in Villiers-sur-Yonne to walk along the Canal du Nivernais. It’s a quiet and deadly city (more on a Sunday) and we only crossed a lonely bicycle along our little walk. You could walk in a circle around the canal (there was a bridge at some point), but we didn’t walk that far.

Another stopping point along the way was a viewpoint on the Mont de la Justice in Lormes. Again: nobody to be seen and we had the whole viewpoint to ourselves (lucky us).

On our way again to Châteaugay! We saw a sign leading to the Cascade de Narvau and decided to go and see what the fuss was about :-). And well, we actually found a walking route! Who would’ve known… We walked towards the waterfall and on our way back to the car we decided to walk along the Gorges de Narvau (which wasn’t such a big walk, but you do have to climb steep at some points). The Gorges go around the waterfall. And for those who want to know: nobody else was interfering with our walk ;-).

After that it was on to Châteaugay.