One famous part of Belgium, is Haspengouw. This is a geophysical region in Belgium in the southern part of Limburg. There are also some parts in Liège, Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant. But the region in Limburg is the “real thing”.  To go to Haspengouw means to go to Tongeren, Sint-Truiden, Bilzen and Borgloon. The other cities (in the other provinces) are: Tienen, Landen, Zoutleeuw, Jodoigne, Hannut and Waremme.

Due to is geographical position, the grounds here are really fertile and it’s mainly used for argricultural purposes. The northern part is more humid and is by far the main fruit growing area of Belgium. There even are some vineyards here. Who would’ve guessed :-). The southern part is more dry and is used more to grow sugar beet, chicory, flax, rapeseed and grains.

During springtime, the tourism in Haspengouw, flourishes, together with the blossoms of the fruit trees.

There’s also a “blossom meter” to see if it’s already/ still worth visiting the place. The meter shows you pictures of pear, apple and cherry blossoms, as they all bloom in different times.