Last year, in December, we rented a house in Thirimont with a group. Never heard of Thirimont? Well neither did we… it’s close to Waimes. Still no help? It’s close to Malmedy, in the province of Liège… And if that still isn’t helpful than please, use a map ;-). It’s on the eastern part of Belgium (in the East Cantons). Near the German border.

In Thirimont there isn’t much to be seen or done, but you can make some pretty walks while you’re there. But in the neighborhood there’s a lot of things to be done and seen. One of them I already mentioned: skiing, if there’s snow that is. Another something you can do is visiting the Parc Naturel Hautes Fagnes – Eifel. More information can be find in this blogpost.


We also went to the Lake of Bütgenbach. A beautiful lake where you can do a walk of more or less 10 km. In 1932 they built a dam in de Warchevallei, so the Lake of Bütgenbach, in time, turned into a reservoir (“Stausee de Bütgenbach”). We were really lucky with the weather, very cold, but with a shining sun to warm us a little bit up and giving us some nice views over the lake.

A last activity we did, was driving our car to Monschau, in Germany. Going there, we saw some deer crossing the street, which was magical. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of videos off it, so you just have to believe my word that we did saw them and that it truly was beautiful :-). Monschau self is a very – extremely – touristic place to be and is known to be “the pearl of the Eiffel”. It’s a rather cute city, that reminded me of some cities in France during our roadtrip. But because there were more tourist there than houses, insects, or leaves on a tree… it was rather hard to found ourselves a place to sit and warm up ;-).
We started with a walk around the Rurh-area, a loop-walk. Which was really, really nice. More because it was freezing cold and the mist was frozen to the trees and plants, which gave it a magically look.