Malmedy lies in the East Cantons of Belgium. Some history to get to know the city.

The city was born in 648 by Saint Remacle, Provist of Solignac, an abbey in France. He had established his Benedictine Monastery in Malmedy. In 1815 Malmedy was linked to Prussia, a German state. This caused a lot of problems, because the city was originally a Roman and Walloon town, where they spook French. During the First World War, the population of Malmedy fought in German uniforms. When the defeat of Prussia was proclaimed, Malmedy and the other eastern cantons were annexed to Belgium by virtue of the Treaty of Versailles. During the Second World War, the area was the site of the Malmedy massacre, where 84 American prisoners of war were executed by Nazi SS troops.

Nowadays you can visit Malmedy not only for the surrounding nature, but also for its culture. It’s known for the “Cwarmê”, the Carnaval of Malmedy. We’ve never been there during Carnaval, but it sure looks a colorful and enthusiastic event.

In the surroundings of Malmedy you can find the Parc Naturel Hautes Fagnes – Eifel, with its nature park “Botrange”. Here you can go for a (guided) walk. It’s located in Belgium and Germany. The High Fens only occupy a part of the Eifel Nature Park, and is seen as a separate natural region within the whole area, but is nevertheless included in the nature park.