In December of last year we also went away for a weekend with a group of people.. Not to the East Cantons, but to the other side of the region, the part near the border with France. We have to make sure there’s some variations in our surroundings, do we not? We rented a house, again, to spend the weekend.

Beauring is a small city in the province of Namur. This city is a very important place of pilgrimage for Catholics. Mainly because five children and young adults reported 33 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary between November 1932 and January 133. I have to say… we never saw her there. There are yearly between 100 and 150.000 pilgrims visiting the city. Which, when I think about it, is a lot, because the city itself only has one or two streets – figure of speech.

In the neighborhood you can go for some walks. They’re not always clearly indicated… and sometimes you have to go down to very strange paths (which may result in not going to the path at all, and searching another way around, thus ending the walk).

The place we were staying was also just 10 km away from Givet¸ a place in France. You can take your car and drive to the city, or you can search for a little walk around the forest and the nature and end up having a beautiful view over the city. Either way… there are some things to do here. You can also find a place to go paintballing, in France there’s a subtropical swimming pool as well, … fill your days with pleasure, nature and fun!

View over Givet