On a cold Saturday morning we decided to head out towards the Botanical Garden of Meise…
Well, actually no, I’m lying. We decided to go there a week before… But that doesn’t sound exciting at all ;-). Either way… we left on a Saturday to go and enjoy the Botanical Garden.

We were lucky because it was a winter day in January and just the day before, the nature decided to start snowing. So practically nobody walked around in the garden, and we could enjoy lots of white landscapes… On the downside, if you go to a botanical garden in the winter, there aren’t as many colors as you would see in the other three seasons. So we were actually glad to  see that everything was covered up with a blanket of white snow.

The botanical garden is one of the biggest gardens in the world (who would’ve thought that?) and covers 92 ha and more than 18.000 different kind of plants. In the middle of the garden you can see (and enter) the castle of Boechout, which was built in de 19th Century. You can climb up to the panoramic roof to have a view over a small part of the garden. Inside the castle there are some expositions to be seen. There’s also a huge Plant Palace also one of the biggest there is. At the time we were visiting the botanical garden, they were working on it, so we couldn’t actually enter. It is said to be one of the most beautiful plant palaces in Europe…

We will definitely come back again during the Spring, the Summer and the Fall :-).

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