Traveling is awesome. But when thinking of it, everybody’s mind sets of and flies away towards far away destinations. The further the destination, the better and the more exited people get. Most of the time. But most people forget about their own country. All countries are being traveled, so why on earth would your own country be any less spectacular than all the others?

For that reason I’m dedicating a part of my blog to my home country: Belgium. Most people think Belgium is the capital city of Brussels or have never heard of Belgium completely. But it’s the other way around… Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, a small country – but not the smallest – in the European Union. I used to hate living here, or at least not like it that much. But now I do. Why? Because coming home is an important part of traveling, I think. Everybody needs a place to feel ‘at home’, and this is it for me.

It’s a difficult country, because it’s divided in many parts: you have the Dutch-speaking part, Flanders, the French-speaking part, Wallonia and the German-speaking part in the East Cantons, that always seem to be forgotten by everybody.

I divided my blogposts over three main regions and if necessary in the corresponding provinces:

  • The Flemish Region
    – West Flanders
    – East Flanders
    – Antwerp
    – Flemish Brabant
    – Limburg
  • The Walloon Region
    – Hainaut
    – Liège
    – Walloon Brabant
    – Luxembourg
    – Namur
  • Brussels-Capital Region