Day 5

After Lyon we  went back to the mountains. Our first stop on the way was Grenoble. It’s the cultural and economic centrum of the Dauphiné. It lies in a valley, formed by the Isère and the Drac and is surrounded by the Vercors, de Chartreus and the Belledonne. It’s origins lie with the Romans. In the city you can visit the Fort de la Bastille, the Palace of Justice, the cathedral of the Notre-Dame and the church of St. Laurent. The vivid center of the city is the Place Grenette.

After leaving Grenoble we passed by La Grave where we had a splendid view on the Meije. Via the Col du Lautaret we arrived in Briançon. This city was built on top of a hill and is an example of a fortified city. Inside the fort you can still find the old city, whit its steep streets and crooked houses.

After leaving Briançon we drove the Col d’Izoard to get to our final destination, Embrun. There wasn’t mucht to be done in Embrun, but the nature there was beautiful and it was a perfect stop for a good night’s rest.