Day 31

After leaving Caen, we went straight to Étretat. This place is filled with tourist and it’s kind of hard to get yourselves a parking spot. But once you’ve managed to get yourselves one, you’re in for a treat. Étretat is famous for its white cliffs, including the three natural arches.

We ended our day in Rouen, the place where Joan of Arc got burned on the stake. In memory of her death there’s a very beautiful and modern church and a monument on the place where she was burned. Rouen is a very charming city where you should definitely stop to have a walk.

Day 32

We ended our trip the fun way and decided to go to Parc Astérix, which is near Paris. It’s not as big as Disneyland, but on the good side: it also not as crowded as Disneyland neither.
This attraction park is one of the better ones we’ve been to. We also saw Obelix and Astérix :-). If you’re travelling with kids, or you’re still interested in going to attraction parks, this one’s definitely worth the trouble!