Day 29

We started out or visit in Normandy with Mont-Saint-Michel. A bit too crowded for us, but the walk up there is beautiful (and windy). The Mont-Saint-Michel is a famous island surrounded by defensive walls. You can park your car outside in the village and a shuttle service brings you to the island – but if you prefer to walk, it’s “only” a 50minutes walk.

Day 30

When in France – and you’re doing the tour that we did – you can’t leave without visiting Normandy. On the 6th of June In 1944 the beaches of Normandy wrote history when the allied troups landed there to start freeing Europe. Many people died back then. A lot of monuments, graveyards, broken nature and bunkers are still there to remind us of it all.
We started out with visiting Pointe du Hoc, where you can still see the wholes of the bombings. We stopped at every beach, Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach. All of them were a place filled with musea, monuments and bloody memories.
We also visited Arromanches-les-bains (Gold Beach), where you can still find the remains of the Mulberry harbor with the huge concrete caissons. Those were used to form walls and piers forming and defining the artificial port.