Day 11

We also decided to took a detour to the Provence, or at least a small part of the Provence. Our first stop was Avignon. It’s a small city where especially the bridge is very famous. But we didn’t dance on top of the Pont d’Avignon (Pont St. Bénézet) because we didn’t want to pay to walk on top of just another bridge. Because that’s what it is. Just a bridge. But if you want to walk over it, you have to pay €7. Yeah right. Another building that leaves an impression is the Palais des Papes, which is right next to the Place de l’Horloge where you cand enough places to eat and drink.

We left Avignon and went to Nîmes, but before we arrived there we passed by the Pont du Gard, a piece of an old Roman aqueduct over the Gardon. Today the bridge is still 49m high and 275m long, but it used to be 50km long. The aqueduct still consist of three floors. In the summer you can rent boats to row around in the river.

Nîmes is the most Roman city of the south of France. It’s the city of the temples, the roman baths and the theatres. The most impressive monument is the Roman Amfitheatre. It’s one of the best preserved in the world. Another important building is the Maison Carrée, a Greek temple. The Jardin de la Fontaine is a beautiful garden where you can sit and relax after visiting the city.