The Maldives are a paradise on earth. It’s everything you hope and expect it would be. Cristal white beaches. Clear blue water. Great snorkeling places and dive areas. And relaxing resorts.

Oh, here’s a treat for you all, just because ;-):

After our roadtrip across Sri Lanka – with Jagath, our sleepy driver – we really needed to have a few days all to ourselves, without worrying about nothing. The Paradise Island Beach Resort & Spa made sure we had just that. From the moment we arrived in Malé in the airport, everything was very well organized. You just need to read some signs or listen to the people, to know at which stand you have to wait for the speedboat. Once you get on board you’re already in paradise. Stinky paradise, but paradise. The boat drops you off at the hotel, and there you’re being picked up by the bellboys. They oblige you to leave your luggage behind and lead the way to the check-in desk. After a refreshing drink, they show you to your room and the relaxing can begin.

We didn’t do a lot during our stay here. Actually, we didn’t do nothing but sunbathing, swimming, walking around the beach, playing ping-pong and hang out in the bar or the restaurant.
I obliged my boyfriend to go a day diving as well. It would be a pity not to dive here! I can’t say much about it, but the pictures (and movie) speak for themselves.

One day we will come back. To the Maldives our similar ;-).