A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I wanted to go on holiday together. It was our first holiday, so we didn’t want to go too far, nor stay too long. You could never know, right? It could be a disaster, the first time on a holiday together :-).

At that time, I wasn’t in to preparing my own trips neither. Well no, I was into preparing my trips, I just didn’t find the joy yet of making a whole book about it ;-). The only I did – after the destination was chosen – was reading a book about Macedonia. Maybe it all started there, because I absolutely never want to travel again like we did back then. Although everything was fine. Don’t get me wrong. Except for the lack of freedom – of choosing what we saw, when we saw it and how we saw it. I’m no person to go on a holiday, together with a group if people I don’t know. I’m too self-centered for that ;-).

We stayed for 10 days and we could book the via the travel agency (sunjets). The boyfriend was already looking forward to a relaxing holiday, laying by the pool or on the beach… whilst I was reading the excursions we could do. Enthusiastic as I was, I would’ve chosen them all. But in the end we only chose to do some excursions.

We stayed in the Mizo Hotel (3*) in Ohrid. Our first thought was “That looks kind of okay”. So, we were happy. At first. We booked halfboard, so breakfast and dinner was included. I think I always ate some cornflakes, because there wasn’t anything else that looked appetizing. Maybe once in a while some fruit that looked eatable.
Dinner was, well, quite the experience. We always started with a salad: lettuce, tomatoes, sometimes cucumber and some rasped cheese on top of it all. Yum. After that we had our mean course, which never looked good, but always tasted good. Then came the dessert… It’s not like it was bad, it just was too sweet to eat.
But what really bothered us, was our little cabin were we stayed; the only one without an airco, and the only one in which the shower could turn the bathroom into a bad. Surprises all over the place!
We also stayed by the pool! A nice pool, that I have to say. But after a few days, they cleaned the pool – without warning. I think it was two days without water, and after that, the water was so cold, nobody could stay in it. but a very nice pool. Indeed.

The location of the hotel was perfect. It was really close to the center of Ohrid, although we didn’t realize that until the end of our stay. We also had the luck to be close to the beach, or actually on the beach as well. If you stay in a hotel in the center, you have to cross the street to get to one meter of beach. So, that really was a surplus. It wasn’t all bad in the hotel :-). I still wouldn’t stay there again though.
I know I said beach, and I’m sure you know that Macedonia lies between countries, not bording any ocean whatsoever. But it does have a huge lake, namely Lake Ohrid, which could probably be the oldest lake in Europe.

Then, the excursions we made. I think we made three or four of them:

  • Going to Skopje
  • Excursion to Bitola
  • Excursion to Albania
  • Visiting the National Park Galichica and the Prespa Lake

We also visited Ohrid, but without a guide, we just walked around, with our guiding book.

Macedonia – Places we visited

It’s a beautiful country, it really is, with beautiful nature and culture. Worth visiting! It’s a pitty we didn’t visit more cities and national/ natural parks… one day, when I have the time…

Greetings and see you around.
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Thanks x