This is going to be a really short blogpost of our trip to Paris, because we only stayed here for one night. A bit short, a bit too short actually. We didn’t visited anything, but we saw a lot from the outside ;-).

It’s a bit of a bore that we didn’t visit anything. So we need to get back again sometime soon. Because I really really really (!!) would love to stand in line for hours to visit the Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame and the Sacré Coeur. No sarcasm. Really not :-D. And some good things may come of it as well: if anyone else has some tips in Paris, let me know! Then the next trip will definitely be a lot better 😉.

The reason we went to Paris, was to use a coupon for a guided bike tour in Paris. Dangerous, but great! I forgot the compagny though.. shame on me.But I can recommend a bike tour! There are a lot of tour operators who offer different kind of tours. What’s even better: we were there during the 14th of July. So we saw fireworks during our bike tour, next to the Eiffel Tower. A big whoop for choosing that specific date – without thinking about it!

Because of the national holiday in France, we were also ‘lucky enough’ to see the last part of the army parade. It was actually nice to see it.

I mentioned it before: it’s a short blogpost. We walked from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe. From there one we went through the Champs Elysées to the Grand and the Little Palace. We also passed by the Place de la Concorde and rested for a minute in the Jardin des Tuileries. After that we went to the Place du Carrousel, the Louvre, the Notre Dame and the Centre Pompidou. We also took a (very expensive drink) on a terrace with a very unfriendly waiter. Never did forget that one :-).
Next it was time for our bikingtour. The one thing I still remember is that during the trip we passed by a secret garden that I will never find again if I return to Paris. It was a little square garden, surrounded by apartments.
The next day we went to another part of the city. We visited the Panthéon (and here we actually did go inside), we walked to the Moulin Rouge and the Sacré Coeur.

After that it was time to go back home.

I think we saw all the highlights of Paris in two days. Next time I would like to see them from the inside!

Some pictures of the buildings from the outside ;-):