It’s been said that Sri Lanka is the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. And they are right, given that they only speak about the nature of the island. Because the nature truly is a “pearl”, whereas the cities are, well, nothing special. There’s not that much to do in cities, you can’t go out at night to have a drink, for example. Or at least, we never could :-). But don’t let that keep you away from Sri Lanka. It’s only a teardrop big, but it has such a variety in nature! We went from the coast, to a rainforest, to the dry savannah, to mountains, … in only two weeks. This island truly is something special.

This year we used a travel agency to organize our trip. They really didn’t have to do a lot: just make the bookings, as I already planned out the itinerary that I wanted to do ;-). There were a few reasons why we used a travel agency. Mainly because it was our first big journey, far away. At least, together. Another reason was that it was my first time in Asia and I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly. I already needed a lot of persuasion to get my boyfriend to come with me ;-). It was our first time with a travel agency and, for now, or last. What you do for yourselves, you usually do better :-).

We were away for about 21days. We stayed two weeks in Sri Lanka and the other days we filled with travelling and relaxing at a beach in the Maldives ;-).

Here you can find our day-to-day itinerary. In two other blogs I will tell some more details about our wonderful journey.

  • Day 1: Belgium – Colombo
  • Day 2: Arriving in Colombo
  • Day 3: Colombo – Hikkaduwa
  • Day 4: Hikkaduwa
  • Day 5: Hikkaduwa – Sinharaja
  • Day 6: Sinharaja – Tissamaharama
  • Day 7: Tissamaharama – Ella
  • Day 8: Ella – Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 9: Nuwara Eliya – Kandy
  • Day 10: Kandy
  • Day 11: Kandy – Sigiriya
  • Day 12: Sigiriya
  • Day 13: Sigiriya – Trincomalee
  • Day 14: Trincomalee
  • Day 15: Trincomalee – Anuradhapura
  • Day 16: Anuradhapura – Negombo
  • Day 17: Negombo – Malé
  • Day 18: Maldives
  • Day 19: Maldives
  • Day 21: Maldives – Colombo – Belgium

Some tips for those who can’t wait until the Sri Lankan trip is written?

  1. Try and stay longer in the Sinharaja Rainforest. We had such a great time. The nature was beautiful. The day we arrived (and the only day we were there) the rain was pouring out of the sky. But the next day there was a beautiful sun that welcomed us. You can’t control the weather, but if you have more days to spend there, you might have more luck. It is a rainforest, so you’re bound to have rain anyway.
  2. If you go to the Maldives, stay longer as well. Because it really is paradise. And who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in a paradise? :-).